the 507

Built to fit within the international “footy” class rule for yachts 305mm long, the 507 is also suited as a strict one-design class.

Designed to be easily and accurately assembled the 507 footy has a plug together hull and deck.

The deck has molded areas to cut out so you can select to use standard or micro servos, it also incorporates the structure of the boat including self draining battery and radio control box.

Deck and hull sandwich the combination mast and keel box for accurate alignment ensuring 507s are all the same for
”one-design” racing.

Lightweight and strong the 507 is detailed in its simplicity of design, form following function!
Clean hull lines give the 507 ease of sail carrying throughout the majority of wind ranges.

As a design created to carry some volume a good ballast ratio lends to the boat being quite stiff.

Highly nimble, and so far more resistant to nose diving as is normally a trait of the footy class boats the 507 looks as gracefull as she is purposefull!

Easily adjusted custom fittings make this small yacht easy to tune and assemble, from suitcase to race course or pond!

Plug in deck allows for easy masking for custom colour schemes by you or us!
Everything on the 507 is designed to be easy for you!

Easy to assemble, easy to rig, easy to transport and store.

Undo the magnetic mainsheet connection and one clip and the rig lifts out.

Undo keel nut, and remove the keel and rudder for transport!

Slide adjusters to change sail shape, or quickly unclip them to pack the boat back into its home, whatever box you have chosen!

Keel bulb is precast with a slot for the keel!

Leave top of keel un-painted to show the fin is still alloy and meets one-design rule or choose optional carbon fin !

The 507 design has rolled gunwhales and lightweight hull and fittings, made from gloss finish plastics and carbon fibre.

The rig is a combination of Carbon fibre tubes that come apart for transport with titanium sheet guides and kevlar matrix sails.

Sails are a durable kevlar/carbon laminate that rolls easily and does not damage easily.

Pre-cast lead bulb is made with slot to ensure easy assembly and compliance to one-design rule, the shape is also made to be blunt so that it is more readily transported on commercial aircraft as carry on luggage, less likely to be considered a weapon!

Kit requires glue, hobby knife, saw and sandpaper and paint it!

Fully assembled boats are also available from $150Aus. !

With 507s in all corners of the world (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Dubai, China, HongKong, Japan, Canada, Usa, Australia, NewZealand, Malta, Portugul, Switzerland,etc..) there are many developments taking place, for more details go to the 507 yahoo forum where you can see pics, advice and more!

The 507 was developed to be an easy to carry, easy to sail and easy to build yacht , to that end there are many ways to sail and carry them around, when you discover a new way, please share it with the community on the forum!

Likewise if you have any issues, chances are they have been found and disscussed there too!!

To get your own 507 just email andrew on, there is no online shopping cart because you will talk to a real person who will advise the delivery date of your 507 (even if it takes some time, the 507 is a low build boutique design so please bear with me!) or just email for a chat!!

What they have said....

“I just got 507 Footy hull no. 1 today as a completed boat. Very nicely finished, beautifully detailed fittings.”
Angus Richardson UK, origniator of 507s lines!“

"The boat was quick, responsive, and sailed a long way into the wind with precise tacking, which was quite a feat as I had never sailed before.
Scott in USA.

“This little bastard has to be the fastest 30-centimeter sailboat ever. We love RC shit, no matter how dorky-looking it is to be twiddling around with a joystick in front of a puddle.
This one just flat-out hauls ass. Check it out.”
Sailing Anarchy Magazine.

My footys arrived! Eheh...
António (Portugal)

“Boat 1 was splashed last week, sails beautifuly, tracks and points very well.
In this light air the 507 is definitely quicker and stiffer than my old boat despite having less sail area.”
Paul In USA.

“Andrew, may the wind blow the luck hold and the winner gun go, all the best!”
Bruce Farr.

Go sailing and have fun, thanks everyone!!
Andrew Cook.
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